I Glass Doors and British Standard BS8213-14


I Glass Doors has become a leading window and door installer and is one of the few to hold a British Standard in Surveying and Installation. With over 14,000 such businesses in the UK, the company stands with a select few. As a surveyor and installer, British Standard BS8213-14 is important to us no matter what door or window product we install or replace.


Standards in the UK regulate the entire home improvement industry. Glass is highly regulated according to many aspects, including security, applications, and design elements such as extrusions and powder coatings. Kitemarks and Secured by Design are often overlooked by companies. Customers, on the other hand, are more educated on these, so surveyors and installers stand to benefit if they learn more.


Installation, the higher in quality it is, the more it serves as a selling point. Companies often praise their abilities, but neglect British Standards, whether they enlist self-employed contractors or hire their own contractors, surveyors, and fitters. Wise investments, on the customer’s part, depend upon a look at credentials and adherence to national standards.


Residential Installation Standards

Windows and doors installed in houses and apartments are covered by one standard, but few companies really understand it. Materials for non-load bearing products and guidance on best practices are covered, providing companies with a guide and a higher level of qualification. They simply ignore the standard, but are not necessarily less capable.


The process is simple. The British Standards Institute must conduct an analysis and the organization receives materials on becoming qualified. It must adapt its processes to those outlined in manuals and references. Companies’ installation methods, measuring techniques, and more are inspected and assessed. Self-certification is a possibility for obtaining a Kitemark.


Enhancing Marketability

By holding the appropriate standard, a windows and doors company can offer a unique selling point and display a higher level of confidence in its work. This is even truer since the majority in the industry do not rely on British Standard BS8213-14. An edge over competitors, plus high service quality and word of mouth all contribute to better marketability. Promotion of holding a standard adds a distinct advantage.