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A simple frameless glass door can do more than spruce up your décor. It can lower heating bills, add thermal efficiency, and effectively separate interior rooms of any home or commercial establishment. Custom sizing and patio door installations are also real possibilities.

I Glass Doors can install sliding glass doors, but the frameless glass doors offer a level of functionality never before possible. It is possible to enjoy the aesthetic appeal and have an easy-to-open frameless glass curtain or any sized door. Perhaps the most desirable aspect of the sliding doors is their slimline frames. As reliable as any UPVC or aluminium sliding door, they provide a clear view to a garden or patio and have few moving parts.

A couple of popular varieties are available. These encompass all the applications of frameless glass doors including patio doors, room dividers, office walls, and shopfronts.

Primary Frameless Sliding Glass Door Options

Single Glazing: A single-glazed bifold glass door is ideal for separating two rooms. It can help keep one room warmer than the other and block noise from heavily trafficked spaces. An open view into another room provides the sense of more space. Other features include the ability to fully retract the door to open up a home or office. With glazing options, you can add privacy, the look of frosted glass, or integral blinds.

Double Glazing: A double-glazed door opens the same way, but has the width and thickness to accommodate outdoor installations. Frameless bi-folding doors are weather-protected and handle a wide range of temperatures. Properties in the city or on the coast are well served, while all UK building regulations are exceeded by this versatile product. In addition, a thermally efficient design accounts for high U-Value ratings.

An Effective Fit for Glass Doors

All components are integrated into a slide-fold configuration. The door panels are fixed in place. There are bottom and top rails which essentially form the backbone of the system.

I Glass Doors also includes a weather protection system and waterproofing on all sliding glass doors. Its products also come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us for a quotation or more information.




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