Let Your Home Shine Bright with Folding Sliding Patio Doors

Compared to traditional framed patio doors, our new folding sliding patio doors allow in 90% more sunlight and have a fully retractable design. They do not block the sunlight like wood or plastic framed doors, while actually providing some heating. Also, each is custom manufactured so can be designed for almost any space in residential and commercial applications.


We offer:

Frameless Glass Doors with 100% clear views and open completely.

Slimline Bifold Doors with frames 50% thinner than aluminium bi-folding doors.

Aluminium Windows, slimmer than UPVC, and with a modern and energy-efficient design.


A Custom Fit ON ALL Sliding Patio Doors

I Glass Doors measures every opening and custom manufacturers every product. Door systems can be standard, single-panel types of designed as large multi-panel systems as wide as 10 meters. Professional manufacturers create the sliding panels to the exact specifications of the opening. The system opens without taking up more space and the panels open and close along a single track.


The doors also lower the demand on heating systems. They allow heat from the sun in, so you save on utility bills and CO2 and other harmful gas emissions.


Our Sliding Patio Doors are Designed for Convenience

All of our sliding patio doors have a slimline frame. Thermally broken aluminium contributes to their energy efficiency and over 300 colours are available. Clients can match the finished product to their interior décor using a colour coding system. Our experts will measure the opening and manufacture and install the system within four to six weeks, all the while maximising convenience and environmental safety.

Our folding sliding doors come with over 40 fold options, unlimited glass options, and a standard double-glazed ‘K’ toughened glazing. We also offer Pilington, 4-seasons, self-cleaning, and other options such as Argon-filled glass and Georgian bar styles. Different handle and hinge options are available as well plus integrated blinds.

The weatherproof design is also highlighted by a hidden castor system and single key option for multi-door installations. All handles are internal, for security, and an upper and lower multi-point shoot-bolt locking system can be ordered. Best of all, the product is manufactured within the UK.


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