Aluminium Windows – Don’t Settle for Waiting


I Glass Doors has structured its lead times around industry trends. Fabricators are working hard to reduce lead times on aluminium by increasing stock and improving supply chain processes. It’s important to maintain a schedule in an effort to satisfy as many customers as possible.

Carrying more stock, however, has raised more questions. The method is a proven one nonetheless. A company should take the time to consider how much of each color or type of finish it will carry. It can outsource powder coating and painting services, but some businesses have stocked more of a popular color and benefited.

For doors, this has been found to work better. The options available for windows makes it tough to decide how much of one option to stock over another. There are PVCu services which can help. Some companies have found this is helpful for when a customer orders a non-standard color, for example.

To fully understand lead times, a company has to understand how requests for a specific color, coating, or accessory will impact the time to delivery. Competition makes it more stressful, but offering a two-week lead time may not suffice if a unique color is requested or a dual color product is ordered. This is especially true if third-party companies are involved with the extrusion painting process.

Guaranteeing better lead times requires a lot of planning. New ways of managing the supply chain and implementing new procedures and business systems/processes are required. If done right, all of this allows for expansion and a greater capacity to handle more orders. A company can then sell more bifolding doors or aluminium windows, even with outside help.