A Market Perspective on Bifolding Doors


The past few years have been marked by a change in the fenestration industry. Home and office customers have selected bifolding doors over other types of products. Their popularity in construction is reflected in market analysis; bifolding door sales are growing faster than patio doors or conservatories. The changes in the market are reflected by the shear number of product choices.

Fabricators have founded entire businesses around bifolding doors. As the advertising has become more prominent, the prices have come down. Other factors are visible too. Smart products are getting cheaper and more available, but are not the only trends. Industry analysts are looking at product differentiation as a trend. Also, the availability of bifold doors in low budget varieties means not just upper-echelon homeowners are on board.

There are also more bifolding door suppliers than ever before. Even higher end businesses, while not dramatically cutting prices, are catering to mid-range consumers. These trends are being seen across America, Europe, and Australia. Bifolding companies across these locations have been successful. Their product offerings are growing rapidly. Slim doors are products of innovation and the desire for thermal efficiency.

Custom sizing and the inclusion of automated opening systems, advanced locks, and more are contributing to a more diverse array of company offerings. If the market indeed is close to saturation, experts are still forecasting continued growth in the UK. Product development for the future is being monitored by various market entities, as is the expanding diversity of products and technologies.